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Joel R

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1.  Complete in order

The settings are located in both front-end and back-end and it can be confusing.  I can see why the settings would be separated, but it's still confusing.  

  • Complete in order for modules: Part of the ACP settings for the Course
  • Complete in order for lesson: Part of the module settings on the front-end

2.  Next Lesson | Back to Course

Similar to Next Unread in Forums, there should be an easy button to progress the user to the next lesson.  

This should make it easier to progress on mobile.  

3.  Long Lesson Name / Description

This could probably be truncated for a cleaner look.  

Could contain: Page, Text, File

4. Custom Fields

I can see myself adding custom fields to the modules and the lessons for things like:

  • Attachments Field: Upload various resources / handouts
  • Text Field: Suggested time on how long to spend on the lesson 

5.  Inclusion of interactive elements

These could be things like:

  • A forum discussion
  • A poll
  • A quiz  

6.  Copy Lessons / Copy Modules

Be able to copy lessons or entire modules to make course creation go faster.  

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