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Invision Community Insight: Email Bounce Management is coming in May!

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ūüĆł¬†Welcome to this week's¬†Invision Community Insight!¬†ūüĆł

Thank you for checking out this weekly round up post. I hope you have had a wonderful week! In the comments below, feel free to say hello and let us know how this week is treating you. 

From the Invision Community team...


Current Happenings

Bounce Management is coming in May. For Cloud customers, we are adding the ability for you to view reports on bounced/complaint emails, take action on member accounts (purge them or mark them as no notifications), and unblock emails that our platform may be refusing to email. Check out our latest blog post: 


On Deck

Our new Courses and Lessons application and Statistics and Reporting improvements will be released in the coming months.  


Join us in a few weeks for our live topic event where we will cover Statistics and Reporting, including the new additions coming soon!


Invision Community 5

Thank you for sharing your excitement and eagerness to hear what version 5 is all about. For now, we have begun work in some areas and are still planning and scoping in others. We are not quite ready to share specific updates at this time but promise to once the time is right.


Finally, for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week for version 4.



- Added ability to remove a block on an email that has hard bounced in the past.

- Enhanced transparency for the reason when emails are blocked.


Updated the grid layout to fix inconsistencies with some 3rd party themes.


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48 minutes ago, Ibai said:

Very sad to see that only Cloud customers will be available to use the new Email Bounce system. What tech does it need in order to detect email responses?

IPS is not "detecting" anything.  It's being notified of bounces and they're taking action based on that notification of a bounce or email marked as spam.  

In the IPB cloud, IPS gets notices via an API call when emails are bounced or marked as spam from AWS.  (This is because all email is sent from "noreply@invisioncommunity.com".)  When a message then bounces, it goes to AWS and AWS sends the notification to IPS to take action on it.  

In a self-hosted environment, most email providers don't provide a way of pushing bounces to an API endpoint for IPS to process.  That means nothing ever reaches the software for them to potentially take action on.  

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