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Update error with a 500 error

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I didn't want to duplicate Inan's error just below which doesn't seem to have the same reasons

When I launch the update, everything is ok, I click on start and from the 1% I have a blank page under FireFox which gives me a 500 error on Chrome
here is the error link:

the log files are in PJ

if it can help the update started from version and the PHP was put in 8 beforehand


I don't know what's going on, it's so rare to have errors.

everything is written with Google Translate, I hope it's clear enough for you 😇

error_log (in the admin folder) error_log in the upgrade folder)

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15 hours ago, Sylvain Delbroeuve said:

I ended up managing to do the upgrade by deleting the Link and Videobox folders directly in the application folder via ftp.

Once the upgrade was over I put them back then updated and everything works 😉

thank you 

very help

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