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Hello InvisionCommunity. I have some issues and i want to resolve them.
1. The forum evict us from the account ( not only me, this happens to all users ). This happens 4-5 time on day and persists 10 - 15 minutes.
2. Manage Blocks doesn't work ( proof here - https://prnt.sc/Ea38OCJPbpeW / https://prnt.sc/er9cfejHa84I ), and i don't know how to resolve it.
3. When i try to install a plugin doesn't work ( and i don't have cloudflare and also i send an email to the host about the issue and they said, the problem is not from them ) - proof here - https://i.imgur.com/btt99nr.mp4

P.S : I don't want to reinstall the forum because i don't want to lose all my users, all my posts / topics and all my categoryes.

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2 hours ago, dndarknight said:

and i don't have cloudflare

I'm not sure if this may be a typo or you meant you temporarily disabled it but you do indeed have CloudFlare enabled which may be impacting all three of these items so I would recommend disabling it completely while you test.

I am also seeing 595 Javascript errors in the browser console which may be coming from your custom theme or other third party items you've included.

My recommendation off the bat is to simplify down immensely and then test to see if this resolves your problems. If it does, great, add things in one-by-one till you find the issue. If it doesn't, please let us know 🙂 .

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21 minutes ago, dndarknight said:

I uninstalled all the plugins and now is working the block manager, but when i install a new plugin ( doesn't matter which one ) after i install again is not woking....

This would likely be the same answer as we pointed out in the topic here:


You would need to find out what that internal server error is.

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