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Invision Community Insight: Last March Update, Join us for the upcoming April Release Chat

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🌸 Welcome to this week's Invision Community Insight! 🌸

Thank you for reading our weekly post! This week was a bit quiet as it was clean up and planning week. Q1 has been a success and we are excited to be starting the last of our Q2 deliverables so we can get those out for you to enjoy. Along with that, the team’s focus has been on fine-tuning plans for the second half of the year and beyond, along with some client projects. Not always much to share with you all yet but these are important weeks for us as a team. 


To help you catch up on a few things this week… 


Current Happenings

The latest beta version of the April release is out!

As with all beta releases, upgrading your community is at your own risk. Please make sure you backup before pressing that button! This beta specifically contains changes to the PayPal and Stripe integrations. Please proceed with caution if payments are core to your community. 


The April release will be ready next week.

Review the release notes to see what is included in the April release, version 4.7.9.

Key changes:


Join us this coming Tuesday for our April Release Chat!

We will be using our new our Live Topics feature. 


On Deck

Bounce Management is coming in May. 

For Cloud customers, we are adding the ability for you to view reports on bounced/complaint emails, take action on member accounts (purge them or mark them as no notifications), and unblock emails that our platform may be refusing to email. Cloud customers can catch that conversion here:


Peeking Ahead 

Statistics and reporting improvements are nearing completion and our Courses and Lessons applications are progressing nicely. 


Finally, for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week.





- Fixed an issue where the Moderation IP Tool wouldn't show the logged IP addresses for private messages.

- Added a minimum of one day end date to Alerts.



- Fixed an issue where reactivating subscriptions may cause an error if the original invoice is deleted.


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On 3/31/2023 at 2:41 PM, David N. said:

These are all awesome news. I'm really looking forward to the Courses & Lessons app, as I will be using it right away.  Can't wait! 🙂 

That is so exciting, David! We will share some previews in the coming weeks so be on the look out for those. 🙂

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