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Ezoic Cookies Pop-Up Appearing on Every Page

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Has anyone had this issue whilst implementing Ezoic?

Ive found a couple posts on here which resolved my first issue which was whilst attempting to implement Ezoic, we had an issue where when they turn on a proxy I cant login to the ACP. Ezoic turned off the proxy and I was able to access the ACP and toggle off IP proxies. Problem solved so it seems. 

However the very next issue is as per title: the Ezoic cookies appears on each and every page that is loaded, causing havoc to our members. Naturally we have toggled off CCPA and GDPR from Ezoics's side whilst we resolved this.

Has anyone had this issue and could any one else suggest a resolve or even hint at where this is coming from?



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34 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You would be best to contact Ezoic on these issues, rather than here, as they are much better placed to understand how their software interacts in various scenarios.

Hey Marc,

Yes yes I have, we are working to resolve the issue. I was just wondering whether anyone from the community has had the same issues, fair enough ill drop it.

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