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Pages feature request: Add incoming database relationship links inline


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It has often been pointed out that adding links to external Pages databases is problematic, when the external record doesn’t exist yet. That would need a way to add these external records while creating the record from the current database. 

This feature request is related but about the other direction. I run into this problem all the time with linked databases. 
Let’s say I have a book database and a separate “book list” database, where users can create lists of books using the database relationship field pointing to the book database. It would be expected, but it’s currently not possible to add a book to a book list while you are browsing the books. Instead I have to open the book list database in a separate window, find the right list, and then find the book again, which I had already opened. Not very convenient. 

It would be nice to be able to set the incoming links right from the record view. 
In the template section, where the loop for reciprocal links appears, add buttons “add this [local db word like ‘book’] to [external db word like ‘a booklist’]”, which opens a pop-up to search for existing records in the external Pages db or offer an option to create a new one. 

This would be useful for almost all use-cases of linked Pages databases.

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