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Upgrade PHP to 8.x

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I'm running Invision Community v4.3.6 on PHP 5.6.7.

When I update to v4.7.5 I got an error message as below.


> 1C287/2 You are running PHP version 7.0.33. You need PHP 8.0.0 or above. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade.


When I update to PHP 8.0, an error related to get_magic_quotes_gpc function occurs.

This is an unsupported API in PHP 8.0.

Automatic update is not possible because admin is not running.


I wonder what the correct order of operation is to minimize the damage.

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Disable all of your third party resources and switch to a default theme.

Make sure your PHP8 install meets all of the system requirements. 

When you’re running PHP8, run the script at 

This will confirm if you have all of the required modules. Once you have it installed, upload the latest version of from the client area and run domain.com/admin/upgrade.

Once it finishes, reenable your resources and fix any theme issues. 

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To clarify from the above. The issue you have here is that you are trying to run the automatic upgrader. As you have left upgrading for a while, you are not upgrading to a version that is compatible with both, or from a version compatible with both. So your only option is to run a manual upgrade. So you would  be uploading a fresh set of files from your client area, then running the upgrade from /admin/upgrade directly

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