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Consistent use of member group colors


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Member group color is a surprisingly effective way to stratify your membership levels. If I see a gold-colored user name I easily perceive that member to be more valuable than the default white color free users have (we use a dark theme). It very quickly conveys importance in a subtle way and makes the paid members stand out.

However, member group colors are not displayed consistently across IPB. The recent users online block does not show colors. The forum index page does not show the user name for each topic in colors. On mobile, in the topic view, when the member group is hidden, the user name is shown using the member group color.

I suggest applying the following rules:

  • When the member group is shown, display it in color and use the default color (black, or in our case white) for the user name.
  • When the member group is not shown, display the user name with the member group color.
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