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[feature suggestion] Events Display

My Sharona

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Currently when you have a sidebar display, the page looks something like the following:

Could contain: File, Monitor, Screen, Electronics, Hardware, Computer Hardware, TextCould contain: Head, Person, Face, Portrait, Photography, Light, Glasses, Accessories, Finger, TieCould contain: Page, Text, File, Person, Webpage



Now when you add either an RSVP or add a location, it essentially cuts the display in half and places the 'Location' along side the display:

Could contain: File, Text, Monitor, Computer Hardware, Screen, Hardware, ElectronicsCould contain: Person, Head, Face, Portrait, Photography, File, Glasses, Accessories, Shirt, ClothingCould contain: Page, Text, File, Advertisement



When adding either of those, it would be nice to move the location of that block(s) below the display and keep the full size rendering shown in the first display.

Thank you for your consideration.

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