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Gallery issue [v4.7.2.1]

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Some of my members are reporting an issue where upon reviewing images that they've just uploaded, they have a "Plain Text Editor" which they can switch to a "Rich Text Editor" for writing up say a Character ID Profile, or something of the like. They've noticed that if you write in the plain text editor and then switch to the rich text editor the text that person wrote isn't being sent over to the rich text editor and thus, they lose everything that they typed. Which apparently isn't expected behaviour. 

On top of that if you write something in the rich text editor after that, and then 'Save Details' it doesn't save either. Which is clearly not right. Is this a bug that can be replicated elsewhere? 

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start uploading an image. 
  2. When the image is uploaded, without leaving the lightbox, enter text in the description (Say: "This is text") 
  3. Switch to Rich Editor via the link, see that the box is now empty.
  4. Enter a new description (Say: "This is some Rich Text")
  5. Save the image via the "Save Details" button.
  6. Finish Uploading.

There will be no captation, no description, it's like it's completely forgotten. Although one of them is reporting that it kept everything in the simple text editor but not what they wrote in the rich text editor.

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