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Grouping of Members

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Hi !

i have a question and would love some advice on how to do this if it is possible , which im sure it is .


I have many groups that i establish on the Forum and have to shift Members from Group to Group .


The way i have been doing this is through the ACP going to Members, searching for the member , clicking the View Member once i have found the member and then Editing the Groups to add or subtract that particular Member.

This is very time consuming , right ?  So my question , is there an ADD XXX MEMBER TO XXX GROUP function that would make this process alot easier then my way of doing it now?  Like the Clubs its possible (maybe through 3rd party app or Plugin) to do this function , i just add all the members i want to to the Club and im done .

Any and all advice would be greatful !

Hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day !

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It sounds like you may wish to mass move members there. You can 'move' members to a group, providing you have criteria in which to search for those members on. To do this you would go to members in your admin CP as you have been, but instead of clicking on a member, click on the cog icon in the search bar. If you can filter out the members you need there, when you have your search results you will see a 'move' link above the list.

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Hi @Marc Stridgen thank you for your response.  I am though having a problem understanding what you mean with 

On 9/6/2022 at 2:36 AM, Marc Stridgen said:

providing you have criteria in which to search for those members on

I dont have that i believe.  I mean if they are in Group XRAY , i can use your example i believe to move them to Group TANGO, but lets say not everyone in Group XRAY should go to TANGO .  If i wanted to have some members from Group XRAY and then have some from Group Members , Group FOXTROT all be put in the Group TANGO , i still have to go through each single member seperately to place them in FOXTROT ? 

Maybe im explaining it difficult .  In essence what i want to do is Mass move selected members from one or more group(s) to another without having to do it manually as sometimes its like 100 or so members ...

Thank you for your time and consideration !


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