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PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 not working with fresh installation

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As written in the title, I just bought and tried a fresh install of the software (4.7.1) using both PHP 8.1 and PHP8.0.

When trying to install on PHP8.x I always get an error (as saw in the error log of apache) at the point of installation mr=191. The error is about the line 180 in Settings.php saying "array_merge() argument #2 is not an array", the installation halts with a blank page.

I downgraded to PHP 7.4 and the installation worked, of course with the warning on the compatibility check saying that I should upgrade to 8.x.

So right now I have a working installation of the suite, but I don't know If i should try to upgrade to PHP8 now or not.

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5 minutes ago, Daniel F said:


this was caused by a bug affecting only the installation process. It should be safe to upgrade to PHP 8.1 now  

Hi, I just upgraded to PHP 8 after the installation and it is indeed working, thank you for the support!

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