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[Paid Request] application for verifing users age

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Im looking for a programmer to help me to build an application for inserting a restriction to upload function for users. The application should contains :
-when users trying to use upload function (anywhere which includes forum/page/blogs/comments/gallery etc) a customizable message shows up (full editor WYSIWYG)  Example: upload is available for verified users only. Click here to start verification process.
-verification page should contain full editor WYSIWYG and 2-3 photos uploaded by users
-only verified users must only be permited to use uploads function
-written agreement with user, basically users need to select a box with terms and condition. If user does not select the box, application should not be submitted succesfully.
-after user check box he is agree with terms and conditions and sent 2-3 photos and verification was submitted it should be in pending.
-posibility to select for each groups apply the restriction (because some groups may not have ability to use upload, so for them the restriction is useles)

All those information above are for front-end users. For the back-end the app (at Moderator CP) should contains:
-list of usernames who submitted the documents
-Verification Requests with list of users
-Date when submitted
-Ability for moderator to see the documents/photos
-Ability for moderator to rejected/approved users
-Full list with approved users even after approved process moderator should be able to see any time the submitted documents
-After user sent documents,and get approved by moderator, now he is able to use upload function. If users get rejected they should not be able to use uploud function, no matter from what groups they are (free or paid). Only approved users can use upload function.
(optional)-automatic private message sent to user which have been approved (if users are from a group which can receive PM, if users are froma group who cannot receive PM then no PM at all) with a message (full editor WYSIWYG)
-posibility to activate/deactivate application

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