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Cached pages for guests on AWS Cloudfront or another CDN

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I want to serve cached pages for guests directly from Cloudfront cache. No origin request.

On pages requests IPS sends these headers (using Redis as cache method and 1 hour caching for guests on AdminCP):

cache-control: no-cache="Set-Cookie", max-age=3600, public, s-maxage=3600, stale-while-revalidate, stale-if-error
set-cookie: IPSSessionFront=75kv76vm8so67kh861iqhu7jky; path=/; secure; HttpOnly

To cache pages on Cloudfront, these headers should not be sent: no-cache="Set-Cookie" and set-cookie: IPSSessionFront=75kv76vm8so67kh861iqhu7jky; path=/; secure; HttpOnly.

I don't care about users online counter and don't use any guest posting feature. Guests can only read content. There is no interaction for guests. For them, serving "static pages" from the CDN is fine for some minutes, what would be much more faster and less resource intensive.

Is there a constants.php setting to remove the set-cookie (IPSSessionFront) for guests?





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