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(TB) Customize Items per Page [Support Topic]

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A new 1.0.1 version is currently pending approval from IPS. Here's a preview of the changelog:

  • Added 4.7 compatibility.
  • Added support for Personal Messages (PMs).
  • Added support for Alerts (4.7.0+ only).


@Hisashi I looked into your request and I found out that CMS already provides a way for an admin to change the number of comments per page. The problem is that it is tied to the Database setting in "Field Options > Records per page". As the name implies this setting control the number of records shown while viewing a category, but I found out it also controls the number of comments per page at the same time. The problem is that you can't have 25 records show per page and only 5 comments; it's either 25 records/comments or 5 records/comments.

Now, this to me looks like a bug actually. Depending on how IPS decides to handle the situation there's no need for me to add it to my plugin. For now I'm going to make a bug report for IPS to look into it.



The bug report is here:


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