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Elasticsearch on Plesk/Docker

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Can somebody help me to understand how Elasticsearch should be configured on the Plesk Server with Docker extension?

The goal: using Elasticsearch for multiple IPS communities.


1. In AdminCP, I have to configure Elasticsearch Index Name (It is important to use different index names if multiple Invision Community installations are using the same Elasticsearch instance). In Plesk I see this:

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Where Elasticsearch Index Name is configured? Is it a container name, volume mapping or environment variable? 😵

2. Right now, Elasticsearch does not run. The error is:

at least one of [discovery.seed_hosts, discovery.seed_providers, cluster.initial_master_nodes] must be configured

What of these variable must be configured and what values should be used if multiple communities are supposed to use elasticsearch.

Thank you!

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Thanks, I am not comfortable editing files on the server directly 😄

I thought there would be a possibility to configure Elasticsearch as a multi-node via environmental variables shown above 😉

Elasticsearch is already running on my server, but it is a single-node now and the name of a node is randomly generated. I've got the name from logs. I wish I could define different nodes, one node per project, and name them myself.

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Ahhh… gotcha. I’ve never tried to modify my elasticsearch via environment variables before, so I’m not sure if it possible. 

I just remember running into that same message the first time I set it up and had to modify the main config file to resolve it. 🙂

As a stupid idea… Google the elasticsearch.yml variables and see if you can just paste those into the env file. It’s possible they’ll load them properly!

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