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How to edit Lost Password page?

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Good evening! Is there a way to edit the standard text message on /lostpassword/ ?

I had to do something with it. Last spring our 13 year old community moved from the old domain to the new, but the previous owner of the forum didn't gave us access to his old database, so we had to start a new one from scratch. The old users had to register again, and we had to copy-paste all our topics. I posted an announcement of "the great moving" a week in advance, but we had some really old users who visit us very rare and they missed it. Some of them found us on our new domain, they registered and joined us.

But the problem is: it seems that some of these "lost" users for some reason do not understand that our forum is a new one (yes, despite the different url, and obviously lesser number of topics and posts). They still think this is the same old forum on the new domain, because it looks the same, and they try to log in using their old usernames. But they can't! Because there are no users with such a name. They get a "wrong password or username" error, and they think they just forgot their password.

Then they try to restore a password. They enter their email and jump to the /lostpassword/ page. Here they get usual confirmation that the magical restoring link was just sent to their email. But it wasn't! Because there are no such an email in the user database, the user do not exist. They are trying to restore something that do not exist!

I've noticed this thing happens when I decided to check Login Logs plugin. I've seen a few (!) old users were trying to log in into non-existent profiles. One of them tried a multiple times for a two month in a row. Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with these people, why they can't just use Contact form to notify me that they can't log in (like some others old users did), but I want to help them. Obviously, I can't create a topic "What to do if you can't login", because they won't see it, just like they don't notice the Contact link on the top of the page. So I need to change the text in the only place they'll see it for sure - on the lost password page. I just want to add a one line to ask all old users who can't login to use Contact page. If it's possible to add a direct link to Contact, that would be great.

Is it possible to do via Styles in AdminCP? Or maybe somewhere else? Maybe I need to change something in my Language pack? Or even in phpMyAdmin? We don't have Pages, only Forums, so I can't use Pages for it.

Any ideas?


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