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Exceptions for emoji C:

Gabriel Torres

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In the ACP we have the option to automatically replace text with emoji (Customization > Editor > Emoji > Replace text with emoji?). However, this is an "all-or-nothing" setting, and it doesn't allow us to enable/disable individual emojis.

The problem we have here is that "letter C" + "collon" is replaced with 😄.

As you know, "letter C" + "collon" is also how Microsoft operating systems names the first hard drive since the 1980s, so whenever someone types in something like the command format, we have an emoji instead of the letter C.

Therefore, my suggestion is for wither removing this shortcut or adding an option for us to have a fine-grain control over which combinations are replaced with what, in the same fashion we have in the "Custom Emoji" tab.

Thank you in advance.



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