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Hump Day: watch this webhooks video for developers

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Happy Hump Day! 

We just released 4.6.10 🎉.

If you want all the details regarding what it entails, please visit our newly-updated Release Notes page. I also dedicated a Hump Day post to a Beta version. Let us know what you think of this latest update. 😃 

Webhooks video

I just published a post on integrations (which I'd love for you to read and comment on when you can). It includes a video I did with one of our very talented developers, @Daniel F. This video was made specifically with developers in mind, so please give it a watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel! 


Here's a little list of updates made to the platform in the last week:

- Fixed an issue where a block (Block Manager) wasn't saving when moving into a new area and then back to the previous area.
- Minor - Added button to exit the Two Factor Authentication flow. Logs out if 2FA is required upon login. Goes to an unprotected location if 2FA is required only in that area.
- Fixed an issue where the close poll link may show to guests.
- Fixed an issue where some badges were incorrectly unavailable when assigning badges manually.
- Implemented the Zapier Application Directory into the ACP - Zapier Management page. 

Lots to sink your teeth into this week! Feel free to share your thoughts; we'd love to chat with you!

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