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I understand the concept of oAuth for signups but in current offerings it seems that I would need to be the one in control of all the keys and setup of such Identity Provider.

Since I host forums for several affiliates as first line of tech support for their services most of their employees monitor the forms and provide assistance. Whenever they have a change in staff I have to add them to their group.

I was wondering if there was a way i could allow the lead person at that company a way to Setup their oAuth for managing their staff and all users who sign up that way are already granted the right permissions.

I am on great terms with my affiliates and could possibly reach out and we could probably get the credentials setup but it would be nice if once I granted a user to manage their users it would be on them to add their oAuth info. Perhaps stored in a hash in the db so I it would be safe. 

Curious if this is something others have done or considered.

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