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Sort sitemaps for databases by modification date

Gabriel Torres

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Sitemaps generated for Pages databases (e.g., articles) list contents by creation date and not by updated date. See, in the screenshot below, how this makes the sitemap to list articles completely out of order. IMO, for better SEO, contents inside the sitemap should be sorted from most recent to least recent. If you want to take a look at this live in our install, try: https://www.clubedohardware.com.br/sitemap.php?file=2_sitemap_database_records_1

An even better option would be to allow us to select which field to use, including custom fields. Because here in our install we have a custom field for "updated date", and our articles are listed sorted by this field. This is required because the standard record_saved field is updated everytime we make any kind of edit, and if we sort by this field the article is bumped up whenever any kind of silly edit is made.


Thanks! 🙂


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