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How to disable Pages content from increasing Post Count

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Hello everyone,

I'm kind of new in Invision, wanted to start by thanking the team as it's an awesome product.

Unfortunately I'm a bit unexperienced, and I'm trying to get knowledge on everything but as you can imagine, it's a bit overwhelming sometimes. I wanted to know if there is any possibility that the Articles I post (or anyone posts) in Pages, do not count as Forum Post Messages, as I would like to differenciate between "Pages" (or Portal, web) content and Forum posts. I tried to double-check through the AdminCP settings, but I can't find anything to disable articles from increasing the Post Count.


Hopefully this is not a big noob question, sorry for that. Thanks in advance,

-- vans

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8 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

You would need a plugin to achieve this:

With this plugin you can choose to enable/disable post count increase by app.

Thanks for the answer!

I can guess that the plugin will take effect inmediatly - I mean, even if right now I do have many articles on Pages, if I install this afterwards and I disable the option on Articles, the total post count visible will decrease automatically, is this right?

Best regards,

-- vans

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11 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Of course, no. It won’t count from the install onwards. 

It’s not in the description so it doesn’t do that. If it did, it would be there.


EDIT: I just edited to state that it DOESN'T act retroactively; only after the plugin install onwards.

Okay, thank you for clearing that up! Have a great day :happy:

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