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Target="_blank" a security risk

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Hi my lords

We use Target="_blank" to open linked pages in a new tab or window. But there is a security risk we should aware of. The new tab gain limited access to the linking page via window.opener. which it can then use to alter the linking page's url via window.opener.location. this might be a problem if the external redource is not trustworthy. Might have been hacked, the domain has chamged owner over the years etc.

We should always add rel="noopener noreferrer" Attribute to all of our target="_blank" links. 

in order to prevent a link that is opened in a new tab from cousing any trouble.



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      How do I privately submit a security suggestion to help anti-spam registrations enhancement ?
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      Thankyou for your attention,
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      Hello, I don't know if there already implemented, but in my imagination it will works easy and so powerfull security for admin of a web.
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      If a member hadn't logged in, in a long while, send them an email to alert them.  Just in case. 
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