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Reputation Levels Bug?

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I wonder if this is a bug. I upgraded to 4.6.6 and kept my ranks system.

But the Reputation Levels, that I've edited for the first time ever in order to add a few more levels, don't display the Title now in the Admin CP (except when you open them to edit).

See the first 3 ones from the top I didn't touch and they keep the description/title, the ones below them, either edited or new ones, don't show it.



However if you open any of them to edit, the Title is there.



(By the way, if you add a badge there does it show anywhere?... if I kept the original reputation system in place instead of the new rewards one?)

Anyway, the Titles/Descriptions missing there, still show when one hovers over the reputation in someone's profile. So, the problem is only there in the Admin CP.

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