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Glitch(es) with column ordering in adminCP

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Hope I'm posting this in the right place!  Not a critical issue, but something I've noticed on a couple of occasions:

I've been viewing active/running tasks in my community suite (adminCP>System>Advanced Configuration>View Tasks), of which there are 3 pages.  I click Frequency because I want to see the tasks which run the most frequently at the top, in descending order.  However, the list soon loses its sort order, as reflected in the screenshot below:


By the last page, everything seems a bit off the rails in terms of sort frequency:


I've seen similar issues when sorting columns in other adminCP views (it was a while back, so I can't remember what the old issue was).  Just pointing this out in case someone wants to review the sorting processes for column data (I haven't yet tried sorting by date to see if analogous issues arise).


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