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Theme Issue Shows Non-existent Profile Field

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Hoping someone here can help me out with this, as the Support Ticket answer says it's a theme issue. 

Just since the newest upgrade (after the Member Title was moved into "Retained" fields), we need to restore the Member Title. I've followed the directions posted here for restoration:

However, now every member who had a custom title before now shows in two Profile Fields -- "Rank" and "Member Title". In the AdminCP, we can edit/remove/add into the Member Title field. But the "Rank" field is only showing publicly, but cannot be edited anywhere in the AdminCP. I need to be able to remove that "Rank" field and keep just the "Member Title" which is editable in the AdminCP.

I've reverted all changes to everything but the CustomCSS in my theme, but it's not fixing it. I'm not the only person who was involved in creating this, so I'm probably missing something. But I can't afford to have to make a new theme.

Attached is a screenshot showing a member's public profile with a "Rank" and "Member Title".


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Okay, after some big digging around here, I've found the issue! While it is a theme issue, this has to be something that blipped in the update, as the issue is in a place that has never been modified. To fix it, I had to create a new theme using the default settings. 

Open new default theme and navigate to core/front/profile/profile. Copy entire text for that file. Paste into corresponding core/front/profile/profile area in the theme that needs fixing. Hit save. Worked perfectly, even though my original was unaltered.

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