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Now I know what you’re already thinking!!

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Now bear with me a little to explain.

I want a sort of moderation forum (instead of PMs and warnings) to notify members of issues. Not all of my moderation actions require penalization and well.... it’s double the work for a moderator to PM someone and then notify the rest of the staff that they did it. And what if two people jumped on it? It can become a nightmare.

I would personally love it both on the forums and pages level to where you can basically assign a topic as someone(‘s) and only those that it’s assigned to can see it in that category/forum/etc. it would cut down on double moderation in some places and allows for a conversation when it’s not a penalized action. “Hey you didn’t follow the rules for submission for this section, please review” is not a “warning level” action but it is an actionable item for a moderator who then must bring it into a private (unseen) venue to discuss and conclude it.

What this invite forum/category would allow for is, a way to communicate with more than one person regarding a sensitive topic in a means that all moderation staff could see it.

Think of it kind of like a moderation category.

This leads into another idea but I’ll post it separately.

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