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How to increase mobile logo size?

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Yes please, any clue how to increase responsive-header for mobile?

These are the code I found in global.css for responsive-header

/* BOTH */
@media screen and (max-width: 979px) {

	#elSiteTitle, #elLogo{
		height: var(--responsive-header--height);

		#elLogo img {
			max-height: var(--responsive-logo--height);

		background: rgb( var(--theme-main_nav) );


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You simply need to override the value for --responsive-header--height. The defaults are set in core > global > framework > _vars.css. You can put something in your custom.css that overrides the default value (which references the percent you enter in the theme settings, typically 100%).

What have you tried in your custom.css?

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