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Bulk mail trouble with tags

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I'm stumped and afraid I'm missing something easy. Help!

I've customized the Email wrapper template to include some custom profile fields. I performed multiple tests over the past week of edits and got everything dialed in... now it just stopped working!

The email sends just fine. The bulk mail preview correctly displays the custom fields just before sending. But the sent copy just disappears those fields!

I've tried using native tags on the bulk mail editor, like {member_name}

I've tried standard calls, like {$member->email}

I've tried custom fields, like:

{{$customprofile = $member->profileFields();}}
{{$customfirstname = $customprofile[ 'core_pfieldgroups_3' ][ 'core_pfield_5' ];}}

None of them return a value once sent! All work fine in the preview.. and worked fine this morning.

I'm stumped. Things like $ourPicks and {setting="base_url"} still work fine. All the template language stuff works fine. Just this profile-based stuff is broken. Any idea what could cause that? The only thing I changed since it last worked was adding an image in the email footer.

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Update: The problem only happens when using Sendgrid. PHP and SMTP delivery methods deliver an email with all the appropriate customization.

The Sendgrid delivery method sends an email that looks right in every way, except all profile data returns empty - only profile data is affected.

Using bulk mail tags (the ones in the sidebar) in the WYSIWYG bulk mail editor still properly fetches profile data using Sendgrid, but when that same data is called from the email wrapper template (using either template tags or code), it fails. Only using Sendgrid.

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