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Referral Banners For Members


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The way the Referral Banners is set up now, it is meant for people with websites, ones that can take the banner image code and embed it on their own site. Is it possible to be able to add banner images so the average member of our forum can save an image of their choice, copy their unique referral link, then share that on social media?

This would be much more helpful for the average member, since they may not have their own website.



I used custom css to hide the Banner Image Code section under each image.

.cReferrals_grid .cReferrals_grid_item__body {
    display: none;


But when you right click an image, it is set as a background image. You would then have to select 'view background image' and then you have the option to 'view image' or 'save image as'. This is too much work. Is there anyway possible to set the banner images on this page as thumbnails, so when someone clicks on them, they open full size, and also ,when you right click on them. You have the option to save the image. Even better, would be to have the option to just share each image from right there.

A workaround I thought of.

Enable Referrals, but do not ad any referral banners. Then go to the Referrals page, (and if you have Pages) add a 'Page Builder: Upload Images' block to the page. Then you can add all your custom banner images here. This way their unique referral link and the banner images are all on the same page. Plus, now when you right click on a image, you have the 'View Image' and 'Save Images As' options.


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