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I'm thoroughly confused by the app...


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I'm a complete amateur, but I seem to have become the tech person for my organisation! I've tinkered here and there with our forum, learning as I go, but the app has me stumped.

I've searched for a help guide or words of wisdom on here, but I can't find anything.

Basically the app has been approved and I've downloaded TestFlight and communities app. I can see my app and although I can't login I saw somewhere that's a bug which will be fixed soon. 

But when I searched the App Store I can't find Communities or my app. Is it still being tested or can others download it to give it a try (if so where can they download it).

Sorry if I'm being very stupid!

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17 minutes ago, JaxB said:

App Store

It hasn't been released in the Apple app store.


18 minutes ago, JaxB said:

I've downloaded TestFlight

Test flight is how Apple beta apps are made available 


19 minutes ago, JaxB said:

Basically the app has been approved

By IPS, yes? In that case, open the Communities app and search within that. It's one app for all.


20 minutes ago, JaxB said:

if so where can they download it

Same place you got it from, TestFlight. Or they wait until it is officially released on the Apple app store.

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