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YouTube Embed Firefox issue

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I've only recently switched over to Firefox from Chrome, and have just noticed an issue when pasting in a YouTube url into a post, it does not automatically convert it over into the video like how it does with Chrome. Is this actually a known issue with Firefox, or is this something maybe wrong on my end?

Any feedback on this?

Thanks everyone.

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@SC36DC are you sure the link you are trying to embed doesn't end on .com instead of .be?

I use Firefox (for Mac) and don't seem to experience any problem embedding Youtube videos, unless they end on .com (but you'll notice that all current share links Youtube provides are .be instead).

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All is good now. I just tested again, and as soon as I placed the url in the editor field, it converted to the video. I am using Firefox Developers Edition.

Normally, how I've always added a YouTube URL, is just copying the url in the url field, unless I see it doesn't look like a standard url.


So if the see the url is like this:


I would then use the Share button to get the url. But I just tested this url and it still worked.


Anyways, I am not sure what happened yesterday, but using Firefox now seems to work fine.

Sorry for the bother.

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