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It seems Banned and Spammers are one in the same at least from what i can see.

I think currently I have more banned then marked as spammers but i believe this is due to how features were introduced, over the years.

When someone is a spammer that does a little extra in the sense that it also signals IPS of spammer and potentially removes all content. 

To just ban if a member one day just went berserk and you just had enough of that person so you banned them ( retain all content ) and potentially after some therapy or penance they redeem approval you could restore them (possibly after you have retired any offending content)

In this scenario i don't even have to take my socks off to count how many times this took place.

In either case Spammer and Banned users seem to stay in what ever groups they were when that happened.

What is the reason for this?

Why are not such members moved in to a specific group?

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