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How to do a limited time "premium access"

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So here's the story:

We are setting up a few premium membership subscription plans but a big chunk of out traffic are people who will visit the site one time or a few times during a certain time period and will probably won't return afterwards at all or at least for a long time. We've already set-up two automatically renewing subscriptions, and an open-amount donation.

What we want to do are two things:

1. make a "one time pass" that will last a set amount of time and once the it's up it won't renew and revoke the privilege it gave (no ads). I've tried setting up a non-renewing subscription, but I can't find where to define an expiration period. I don't want to have a self-renewing subscription that won't process payment since I don't want to harass people with "Renew your subscription" spam, I just want it to be "buy - have for X days - end - never hear from us again". Hopefully I explained myself properly.

2. since we only have two subscription plans and one donation campaign (not including the above one), it already looks pretty scattered and "spread too thin" and I want to be able to "put" the one-time pass on the same page as one of those two. If throwing all of them into the same page is possible (not by using blocks, it looks kinda meh) it would be awesome.

Thank you, Stay awesome.

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I've read this before, but it looks like this works pretty much exactly the other around from what I need 😄 
Here you get: first week (for example) is free, then you pay (and you keep privileges).
What I need is: First week you pay, then it's "free" (and you lose privileges).

What we need is a "non-renewing one-time pay platinum pass" that's good for a set amount of days/weeks/months/solar cycles.

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1 hour ago, skizzerz said:

This is already possible via Commerce, albeit for a regular product instead of a subscription. You can create a regular product that expires in 7 days and does not renew, and adds the user to whatever group while it's active.

The only issue with this is that the UX for purchasing a subscription that renews and a product that acts as a subscription is that they are in two completely different interfaces. Much improvement should be done here.

If you go that route, it's probably best to make all the subscriptions products to keep things consistent.

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