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Solved: Custom database does not show image upload form

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Hi there!

I am trying to build a custom database where my members can submit records.

I created a custom template to display each individual record.. the template displays text information along with 4-5 images.

The issue I have is that when I am trying from the front end to add/edit a new record, it gives me the option to upload only the first photo. The rest fields are shown only as titles..

You can see in the upload_01.png, "Photo 1" gives the option to upload an image while the rest are like inactive.

In the upload_02.png, I swapped the fields and now for "Photo 2" I have the option to upload a photo.. and all the rest.. inactive.

I have the permissions for the database in a way that everyone can view/edit/add content.. same for the page and for each field sepparately.

From the Admin menu when I try to add a record everything looks fine.


The add/edit page takes a significant amount to load like 35 seconds! This is a extremely slow for my webserver which is dedicated and kinda powerfull. Could this somehow interfere with the form when loading? For the Display template I have a few .js files and css loading. But they should not be loaded in the add/edit page since I do not have a special template for it.. Plus I remind you from the Admin panel it works just fine.

Is there any way to troubleshoot ? Thanks in advance!

Edit: Another issue I noticed and I think causes huge delays for the page to load is the image source_01.PNG.

Could this also be causing the issue with the form?




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It appears that the includes were getting loaded in the page.

I disabled all the extra .js and .css and now it works fine.. and it even loads fast!

I will have to investigate more about how to include .js that does not interfere with the current code.

Not sure how to close this topic..! 


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