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Looking For 2 Apps & 1 Translation Pack

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Hello! I'm currently looking for 2 types of apps to add to my site but I highly doubt there are anything remotely like them from what I look through on the marketplace. As for the translation pack, I was wondering if there has ever been a Japanese translation pack for IPB?

With the first app, I'm looking for something that will create a login splash page where no matter what part of the website you go to, you will always be redirected back to the login splash page before you're able to go back to the page you was intending to do. A good example of this can be found here at bakabt ( https://www.bakabt.me ). I understand that I can just block guests by setting permissions to do so but I really want it's not the route I want to go from an aesthetic point. The second app I'm looking for is an app that will make a portion of an IPB site into a manga reader site. I recall that Bato.to had made one a few years ago but has since ditched using IPB so there's no way for me to ask them about how they went about doing it.

If any of these needs to be created, can someone who might be willing to go about these projects give me a ballpark as to how much it would cost to have these done?

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