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Pages: Set "hidden" to "on" by default

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The main editor of a news site I volunteer for has written to me with a request. She knows that she needs to set a future publish date with her Pages articles if she doesn't want them to show immediately. Sometimes she forgets, meaning that subscribers immediately get a notification.

Quite often, she saves unfinished posts, making this situation even more unfortunate. I've explained to her that she should simply set her posts to hidden as soon as she starts working on them, which will prevent these problems. Unfortunately, she quite often forgets (she's around 70 and new to tech).

I think one thing I could do is amend the database form so that there's a big warning banner at the top which shows just to her, or to move the status options to the top of the post. It would be better, though, if I could make it so that all posts in a particular database are set to be hidden by default.

I presume there's no option for this so will have to think of something else. Is there anything I could do without having to commission a plugin?

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