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Help needed with Commerce emails titles


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Hello everyone,

I've finally upgraded to; luckily all good from a tech pov. Now, I noticed the email title of renewals has changed to a standard "A new invoice #45827 has been created - Awaiting payment"

I know I can change this by using the Language pack translation, however, I'd like to include the actual subscription name, for example: "A new invoice #45827 for Gold Membership has been created - Awaiting payment". I wonder how do you call up the subscription plan name, what language string do I need to use? (For example for the invoice number you use {$invoice->id}, so what do you use for the subscription or product name?)

The previous version of IPS I've used prior to this upgrade (4.3.6), would have a title a like "Renew: Gold Membership", so I assume there must be a way.

In case anyone wonders why I want to do this, it's so I can filter the emails on my Gmail by title and send them to different folders depending on whether they are subscriptions or advert packages, as I only want the latter to go to my "Primary" folder, but I like to keep a record of the subscriptions emails in another one just as a reference.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

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