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Permission by group club settings


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I would love to see more, by group preferably, permission settings for clubs. I would like to be more in control of which group can do what in clubs.

- Can view content in clubs Y/N
- Upload images in clubs Y/N
and the like.:wink:

This I feel is currently missing, given all the other great permission setting I can use elsewhere in the forum software.

Cheers and have a great 2020!


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Yes i would like this

If i have a Forum VIP members group - i would like to give them access to a VIP members CLUB. 

So they can either join the club automatically as they have the correct permissions or the leader can approve /add them.

I would also like something in between Open and Closed clubs.  like this:

Open - VIP members club
Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only VIP members can participate. Only VIP members can join.



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