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SortBy Most Reactions (Support)

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Sort a forums topics by the most reactions it has received. Select which forums or member groups support reaction counts.


  • Set which forums support sorting.
  • Set which members groups can sort by reactions.
  • Display reaction counts next to each topic row.
  • Count reactions from the first post or all posts within a topic.

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  • 2 years later...

It working indeed, sorry Michael I forgot to rebuild topic reactions count, now it work, well done.

Just a request, what the css to change the color for like "4 reactions" (the one at the end of the threads listing in forum) like to be green as example, thanks in advance.

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51 minutes ago, Michael.J said:

What task is that and I will take a look?

I install it back and for now this task:


Locked Task: digest
One of the routine maintenance tasks which run in the background has failed several times, which may indicate a configuration issue.

I will report back if another task also stop, as when I first install for testing they were like 2 tasks.

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  • 1 month later...
On 4/22/2022 at 2:25 AM, abobader said:

As testing since the last of my post here, I uninstall the plugin, no more error about stopped tasks.

So it clear the issue within the plugin, the problem they are always no error to provide for you so it can help trace what the issue are.

Could you please PM me admin login details? I will need to take a look at this directly.

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  • 1 year later...

This not having an IPS market place thing is NOT working out.
I deeply dislike this.

Today I decided I wanted to buy "sort by most reactions" from Michael J

  • Ok fine, have to make a new account on his site... makes sense, no problem. BUT Get told I cannot make an account after trying to register. ARGH
  • Decide to register with a different email .. WORKS
  • put product in cart and and paid with Paypal!
  • return to Michael J site, product NOT AVAILABLE For download
  • try to use CONTACT link, NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD Image receipt
  • Upload image to a host site here (edited for privacy) Still can't submit
  • Try to post anyway in contact form and get reCAPTCHA can't send message. CANT POST
  • Can't get my product, can't contact anyone... no idea what to do now


Confused Little Girl GIF

This is unacceptably bad.  I am out $10 and have nothing to show for it. PLEASE @Michael.J help.


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