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Empty notification fields


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When I get the new member registration notification email, I get a listing of multiple fields, but not all of the ones that the member fills out have the answer, I'm fairly sure that it's the custom fields. The weird thing is that the display name, email and IP have the label and value, whereas the first name, and other custom fields only have the label with no data.



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Just now, opentype said:

Are you forcing these fields to be filled out during registration? If not, empty fields would be expected.

If you are sure they are filled out during registration (not after the e-mail was sent), but it still doesn’t show in the notification mail, I would consider that a bug worth reporting. 

Thanks. So, they're actually on the mandatory completion stage, so they're not at the first registration. So that's the problem. What's bizarre is that the field labels appear, even though there is no data. Anyway, no biggy, at least I know where the problem comes from.

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