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Cowboy Denny

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Way back in the day (many years ago) an issue I discovered when migrating from Joomla and Wordpress is that IPB doesn't offer a printable format for Articles, Blogs and Topics like every other CMS does.  I asked for anyone to create this functionality and yet here we are in 2019 and still this feature doesn't seem possible.

When we click File Print on our Browser it shows Menus, sidebars and everything you don't want to see.  The ideal scenario is that we are able to store articles on our site and when we need to we can print it out on paper or print to PDF.

PLEASE support/offer printable format.

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15 minutes ago, opentype said:

I’m not sure everyone would want to hide the stuff you want to hide. But if you need it, it’s like two lines of code in your custom.css.

@media print {
  #ipsLayout_sidebar { display:none; }
  #ipsLayout_header {display:none; }


Thank you opentype..  would you happen to know what the fields names are or point me to how to figure it out so I can customize the print functionality using your example?

Example of the major ones that are annoying when printing:

  • header: #ipsLayout_header {display:none; }
  • sidebar: #ipsLayout_sidebar { display:none; }
  • there is some sort of giant picture at the beginning of blog (useless space when printed)
  • the Follow is shown on a printed page (again, not sure you would want that printed)
  • Entry Actions and Report Entry are links that are not useful when on paper
  • Share buttons after the post doesn't look very professional on a print
  • Also comments (sometimes is great but if there are no comments I would prefer to just not include them)
  • Unread Content and Mark site as read are links that are not valuable when printed
  • Contact Us (difficult to do when that is the only thing they can see on a printed page... they can't click it)

Thanks again for any suggestions or help to further improve printing the hard work.  Would be great to limit printing or copying from website unless you are either a member of a group or at minimum at least logged in.

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1 minute ago, Morgin said:

Sidebar: people still print stuff????

(good luck with modifying though!)

Yea, sometimes you need to generate a PDF for archive purposes or share with others via change control etc.  Its static content versus a link to a site which the instructions / doco could change at anytime.  Change Control seems to prefer a PDF attached to a change.  i personally like to store all my hard work with creating doco, on my site instead of a doco that will get lost over time.  BUT its just me I guess

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