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I use this syntax to set an upload-field (images only) when there is no content:

{{if $formValue }}
<img src="{$value}" class="ma_passbild">
<img src="https://loremipsum.info/uploads/pages_media/0_avatar.png" class="ma_passbild">


It only works when the field is linked hardcoded via display template:

<div class="passbild">{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('foto', 'display')|raw}</div>


In my listing template I've got to use it like this - unfortunately it doesn't work:

{{foreach $row->customFieldsForDisplay('listing') as $fieldId => $fieldValue}}
	{{if $fieldValue}}


PHP is not my strength but I guess this part is the problem!?

as $fieldId => $fieldValue}}

I would be gratefull for any tips or ideas... 😉


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