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Elasticsearch problem


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may be someone have an idea, we have swithced to the Elastic search while ago, when it was introduced to the IPB. At the begining we have trouble with CPU utilisation, but them it was resolved by the IPB team.

Since them Elastic was running smooth and reliable

Recently after uprade to 4.4.4 we got the trouble with cashing and switch to Redis from Memcache.

After this we strarted having problems with Elasticsearch, since it starting to shutdown after 2-3 days with the error "OutOfMemory error Java heap space".

There was no change in config of Elastic. We encreased the Max heap space to 24 GB, but this doesnt help. It just constantly consumes memory, until crash. We also upgraded Elastic to 6.8.2, but didnt help also.

Any body have an idea where to look?

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@bfarber yeah, I'v been googling it for the last 7 days etensivly. but thess solutions are not working.

Before upgrade to 4.4.4 the avaliable heap size was 6gb, and it was running ok since last October.

Now we increased this value first to 16 gb, now to 24gb, and it consumes it within 5-7 days, then crashes.


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That site is a subsidiary of Elasticsearch offering a custom service where anyone can add a search box to their site, and the way the content is indexed is through a javascript snippet. That's not how Elasticsearch integration within our software would work.

Basically you need to:

  • Install Elasticsearch, or sign up for a hosted Elasticsearch service
  • Enter the details for your server (namely the URL and port number) into the AdminCP after choosing to use Elasticsearch
  • When you do this and save, the search index will be rebuilt which can take a little time depending on the size of your site.

But really that's all there is to it.

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