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Google Maps integration issue

Black Tiger

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My friend has a forum about world war things and collectables.

Now we integrated the Google Maps api for him. He creates some points of interest himzelf, like a certain place where a memorial statue is present.

But when copying this to his IPS forum, he get's an error notice:


Now I've searched Google for this, but can't find a solution, because he's just copying a link which Google Maps gives him.

When looking at the source code, I do see something like this:


which probably causes the issue. Because when he places link form a basemap it would look like this


the Kn_a is the last part of the key. So it looks as if longittude and lattitude is missing from the center parameter and also de zoom value is missing from the point of interest he made.

He can see it though normally, because I've looked with him via Teamviewer. He just copy's the link Google gives him, that's all.

Does anybody know how to fix this or how to do this correctly so he can copy & paste the Google Maps code correctly?

Or is this not compatible to work with your own POI's (or how is this called?) in IPS?


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Looks like a bug to me, I paste this code to the forum:


and IPS inserts the code and converts it like this while removing the needed values:

<iframe height="450" src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/view?key=AIzaSyA_DSOmjxxxxxxxxxxxIh7ldlx-kN_A&center=,&zoom="></iframe>

When I enter the value's there, I see the map we made, except for the custom POI, but it looks like the IPS integration (or json or something) is messing it up, with as a result the error. Or there is something between IPS module and Google Maps api. I don't know.

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Ah sorry, I deleted the code again.

I don't remember how I did it so I have to ask the other admin who made this. Because self created maps are stored on google drive and to be able to see them I have to put them public. But in that case I get a link to Google Drive instead of Google Maps.

So I will let hem create a new link in a test forum for better investigation and then I will report back. Thank you.


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