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Donation Question


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Hi everyone,

Is there an application (or plugin) that allows my members to add a paypal.me button on their file submissions via IP.Downloads?

Basically I want to allow my members to donate to my uploaders.

If anyone knows how I could do this please let me know.

Thank you!


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1 minute ago, Joy Rex said:

You could add a custom button to the Editor to insert a PayPal.me link into the Download description - there are instructions on how to create custom buttons in the Help Guides section.

Hi @Joy Rex and thanks for your response!

Would that not just redirect them to one specific PayPal.Me URL? 

I am wanting members to like enter their paypal.me address so each donation button would be different

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You would set up the button so when the user inserts the button, it would allow them to enter their paypal.me address and thus create a button in the output that linked to their specific paypal.me account.

For example, I needed a Bandcamp Embed so users of my community could share BandCamp links - the button I made prompts the user to enter the BandCamp albumID and then creates the HTML embed code that is needed.

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