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Hi! I am creating an online roleplaying community, and we are looking for a custom integration for our forums, which are running on IPS4. Specifically, we are looking for a character page system that allows users to enter in information about their characters (things like name, date of birth, hair/eye color, backstory, etc...) and then display it on a searchable panel, outputted to look like actual ID cards, like this:


We want to take some inspiration in terms of functionality from this, a similar roleplaying community: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/

I am a front-end developer by trade, mostly working with HTML/CSS/front-end JS, and I was thoroughly out of my element when I tried doing it myself, so I am turning to you guys for help. I've already built out the above ID card as an HTML template, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this, or want to do it for us for payment? 🙂

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