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Redis setings


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Hi, my provider just installed redis on my server. But I'm not really sure what settings are recommended. And what values are necessary. Right now I use the file system as the data storage method.

I guess it should be Redis now? Caching Method: Redis?

Redis server address, port number and server password? 

And what happens if I set wrong values, can I lose all attachments or other files? How long is the process in moving the files to the database, will it be server intensive? 






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Files (such as attachments) are not stored in Redis - you won't lose anything if there are problems, no.

Redis can be used for a few things:

  • Data store/caching (i.e. routinely queried data that is cached for use on subsequent page loads, compiled theme templates, things like that).
  • User sessions
  • Guest page caches

It is up to you which things you store in Redis and will depend upon your site's configuration, the amount of memory you have available in Redis, the amount of traffic you get, and so on.


Personally, I would start with data store/cache store using Redis and see how that goes first.

The server address, port number and password would need to be provided by your host.

If the values are incorrect, you won't be able to save the form so you don't have anything to worry about. 🙂 

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