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Add "Internal Link" option to the Menu Manager in the ACP

KT Walrus

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I currently use "External Link" in my menu drop-downs for internal links to specific pages in my apps. The problem with this approach is that when the user selects a menu option defined as an "External Link", the tab containing the drop-down is not selected while in the app.

I really need a way to specify a specific page in one of my apps to link to and also specify which tab is selected when in the app. In my particular case, I only have one "External Link" per app, but in some scenarios I can see having two such links in two different drop-downs. It could be that a better solution to this problem might be to add the ability to select the App in the "Menu Item Type" for multiple menu items and specify the link to a specific page in the app in the Menu Item form and whether the tab should be selected while in any page in the app (or only when in the specific page in the app).

Of course, there could be other acceptable solutions to this problem (even one that is already available in the ACP but I don't know about it). Building a good navigation menu is important on the desktop, at a minimum and I am having this issue for my site.

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